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Type of food

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Certified Gluten FreeNon-GMO Project VerifiedCertified Kosher


  • Cookies such as:
    • double chocolate chip cookies
    • chocolate chip cookies
  • Creme cookies such as:
    • vanilla crème cookies
    • chocolate vanilla crème cookies
  • Cookie thins such as:
    • cranberry orange crispy cookie thins
    • double chocolate chip crispy cookie thins
    • chocolate chip crispy cookie thins
  • Animal crackers such as:
    • original animal crackers
    • graham animal crackers
  • Graham style crackers
  • Wafers such as:
    • milk chocolate wafers
    • vanilla wafers
    • lemon wafers
  • Baking mixes such as:
    • double chocolate brownie mix
    • pancake mix
    • cornbread mix
    • all-purpose flour mix
    • pie crust
    • sandwich bread
  • Pretzels such as:
    • chocolate covered pretzels
    • yogurt covered pretzels
    • salted caramel covered pretzels
    • honey mustard pretzels
    • buffalo style pretzels
    • pretzel chips
    • big pretzels
    • pretzel sticks
  • Bagel chips such as:
    • original bagel chips
    • parmesan garlic bagel chips
  • Crackers such as:
    • sea salt crackers
    • rosemary & olive oil crackers
    • original crackers
    • cheddar crackers
    • multigrain crackers
    • vegetable crackers
    • table crackers
  • English muffins such as:
    • multigrain English muffins
    • premium English muffins
  • Breads such as:
    • seeded bread
    • cinnamon raisin bread
    • white bread
    • multigrain bread
  • Oven baked bars such as:
    • apple cinnamon oven baked bars
    • blueberry Acai oven baked bars
    • strawberry oven baked bars
  • Pizza such as:
    • duo cheese pizza
    • pepperoni pizza
    • spinach & feta pizza
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Toaster Pastries such as:
    • blueberry frosted toaster pastry
    • strawberry frosted toaster pastry
    • apple cinnamon frosted toaster pastry
    • strawberry toaster pastry

Certified gluten free, non-GMO project verified, certified kosher.

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