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Soom Soom



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8744 W 3rd St, Los Angeles California 90048

Daily 11am-10pm


Gluten free menu: NO

Gluten free bread: NO

Gluten free pizza: NO

Gluten free pasta: NO

Gluten Free Options

Almost everything is gluten free except for tabouli, cous-cous, pita, & baklava. Fryer is dedicated GF so fries are safe.


  • all can be done as a plate or salad
  • shawarma
  • falafel
  • chicken breast,
  • chicken kebob
  • chicken schnitzel
  • beef kebob
  • roasted cauliflower
  • Mediterranean meatballs
  • sabich (eggplant & egg dish)
  • hummus plate


  • fresh cut fries
  • basmati rice
  • falafel
  • side salad
Gluten-free salads, fries, and falafel from Soom Soom
Gluten-free cauliflower salad from Soom Soom
Gluten-free chicken salad from Soom Soom
Gluten-free fries from Soom Soom
Gluten-free lunch plates from Soom Soom
Gluten-free falafel from Soom Soom