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Redmond Real Salt


Type of food

Baking SuppliesSalt & Spices


Gluten Free


  • Fine salt in pocket shaker, 2 oz shaker, 4.75 shaker, 10 oz shaker, 26 oz pouch, 26 oz paper, 10 lb bucket, 25 lb bag
  • Kosher salt in 8 oz shaker, 16 oz pouch, 25 lb bag
  • Coarse salt in 16 oz pouch, 25 lb bag
  • Powder salt in 10 oz popcorn salt, 10 oz neti salt, 16 oz pouch, 25 lb bag
  • Organic garlic pepper
  • Organic lemon pepper

Gluten free, all-natural, from ancient sea bed in Central Utah, no additives or chemicals.

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