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Jack’s Gourmet


Type of food



Gluten FreeKosher


Kosher deli meats & sausages

  • Sausages such as:
    • sweet Italian turkey sausage
    • cajun style andouille turkey sausage
    • sweet Italian beef sausage
    • hot Italian beef sausage
    • spicy Mexican-style chorizo beef sausage
    • beef bratwurst sausage
    • beef merguez sausage
    • spicy Southwestern-style beef sausage
    • beef kielbasa sausage
    • beef boerewors sausage
  • Brisket such as:
    • 1st cut corned beef brisket
    • BBQ pulled beef brisket
    • 1st cut pastrami brisket
  • Patties such as:
    • facon beef burger patties
    • sweet Italian beef sausage patties
    • spicy Mexican-style chorizo beef sausage patties
  • Spicy Italian-style salami
  • Facon cured beef “bacon”

Gluten free, kosher, no fillers or by-products, MSG-free.

Recipe for chocolate chip facon cookies here