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New Grains Gluten Free


Type of food

BBQ sauceBreadCookiesPizzaSauce


Made in Dedicated GF FacilityGluten FreeDairy Free OptionsVegan Options


  • Breads such as sourdough, white sandwich bread, multigrain bread, hamburger buns, hot dog buns, cinnamon raisin bread, English muffins, vegan sandwich bread, dinner rolls, croutons, sourdough ciabatta hard rolls, sourdough ciabatta rolls, bread crumbs, pizza crusts, deli rolls, & tortillas
  • Cookies such as pink sugar cookie, coconut macaroon cookie, chocolate chip cookie, sugar cookie dough, pecan caramel bar, vegan mini sugar cookies, brownie chocolate chip cookie, chocolate chip cookie dough, & brownie poppers
  • Sauces, jams, & honeys such as original honey bear, pomegranate honey bear, orange honey bear, huckleberry honey bear, raspberry honey bear, raspberry creamed honey, orange creamed honey, cinnamon creamed honey, raspberry salsa, gourmet raspberry syrup, slappin’ hot BBQ sauce, sweet kisses BBQ sauce, & original BBQ sauce

Gluten free, dedicated gluten free bakery, vegan options.