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Wildacre Rotisserie

Chicken, Salads


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147 E Putnam Ave, Greenwich Connecticut 06807

Daily 11am-9pm


Gluten free menu: NO

Gluten free bread: YES

Gluten free pizza: NO

Gluten free pasta: NO

Gluten Free Options

Gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options indicated on menu. Dedicated GF fryer so fries & wings are safe. GF wraps available upon request. As of May 2023, the only items containing gluten are the gluten wraps, mac & cheese, and chocolate chip cookie.

Rotisserie Meals

  • quarter chicken meal: white or dark meat, choice of one side and one sauce
  • half chicken meal: half chicken, choice of two sides and two sauces
  • family meal: whole chicken, choice of four sides and four sauces
  • kids meal: chicken breast with fries or cucumbers

A La Carte Rotisserie Chicken

  • quarter
  • half
  • whole
  • with bay leaf, oregano, fennel, fresh lemon


  • tossed in Wildacre buffalo sauce, drizzled with honey and served with your choice of dipping sauce

Salads & Wraps

  • GF wraps available upon request
  • Caesar: shredded chicken, cherry tomatoes, parmesan, fresh herbs, lemon caesar dressing
  • Pacifica: shredded chicken, avocado, sheep’s milk feta, fennel, radish, sunflower seeds, cilantro, lemon vinaigrette
  • Medi: roasted cauliflower, sheep’s milk feta, green olive tapenade, cherry tomatoes, shaved red onion, cucumber, creamy tahini dressing
  • Sesame Chop: shredded chicken, avocado, cucumber, napa cabbage, radish, sesame seeds, scallions, sesame citrus dressing
  • Buffalo Chicken Caesar: shredded chicken, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, fennel, sheep’s milk feta, scallions, lemon caesar dressing, Wildacre buffalo sauce


  • sipping broth: mmade in-house with roasted chicken bones, fresh herbs, fennel, bay leaf and lemon
  • slow-roasted chicken soup: shredded chicken, kale, fennel, napa cabbage, scallions, fresh dill


  • fries
  • little salad
  • Roti potatoes
  • kale slaw
  • cucumber salad
  • rotisserie cauliflower
  • crispy Brussels
  • slow-roasted sweet potatoes


  • honey dijon
  • herby ranch
  • chili vinegar
  • creamy tahini
  • salsa verde
  • garlic dijonnaise
  • Wildacre buffalo


  • chocolate cloud bar from Cloudy Lane Bakery
Gluten-free spread from Wildacre Rotisserie in Cos Cob, Connecticut
Gluten-free buffalo chicken salad from Wildacre Rotisserie
Gluten-free crispy Brussels sprouts from Wildacre Rotisserie
Gluten-free fries from Wildacre Rotisserie
Jackie and Chloe eating at Wildacre Rotisserie!
Gluten-free Medi salad from Wildacre Rotisserie
Gluten-free sweet potatoes from Wildacre Rotisserie
Jackie and Chloe while eating at Wildacre Rotisserie in Greenwich
Gluten-free chocolate cloud bar from Cloudy Lane Bakery. At Wildacre Rotisserie