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100% dairy free, 100% gluten free


American, Chicken, Southern


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2277 Peachtree Rd Suite B, Atlanta Georgia 30309

Mon-Fri 11am-7pm
Sat 11am-5pm
Sun closed


Gluten free menu: YES

Gluten free bread: NO

Gluten free pizza: NO

Gluten free pasta: YES

Gluten Free Options

100% gluten-free. 100% dairy-free.

Karnivore Kombos

  • local free range mustard BBQ shredded chicken breast
  • local grass-fed meatloaf in shroom glaze
  • vegan organic ‘veatloaf”
  • curry chicken combo
  • creamy Southern chicken salad


  • spicy detox cabbage soup


  • spicy vegan HellaBowl: avocado, spicy sweet potatoes, chickpea smash on a base of massaged kale & topped with spicy sriracha-agave and sriracha-aioli + krispy secret krunchies
  • Karma hot “fried” chicken bowl: spicy oven fried whole chicken breast and secret sauce mix with avocado on massaged greens with spicy sweet potatoes
  • smoked salmon avocado bowl with braised cabbage + sesame oil, tamari, sesame seeds, & lemon served over massaged greens with white rice
  • Asian rainbow chicken bowl with chicken breast shredded & marinated in signature Asian organic toasted sesame dressing with rainbow cabbage slaw & roasted broccoli on massaged kale, extra Asian sesame sauce, & sesame seeds


  • Southern potato salad
  • spicy noodles
  • turmeric vegan mac
  • organic chickpea smash
  • warm organic beets
  • sweet spicy potatoes
  • curry chicken salad
  • tangy organic mustard BBQ chicken
  • slow cooked grass-fed beef brisket
  • braised purple cabbage
  • house chicken salad


  • cinna swirl muffin
  • jumbo brownie
  • cornbread
  • cowboy bar
Gluten-free fried chicken from KarmaFarm
Gluten-free dairy-free food from KarmaFarm
Gluten-free desserts from KarmaFarm
Gluten-free mac and cheese from KarmaFarm
Gluten-free dairy-free cinna swirl muffin from KarmaFarm
Gluten-free brownie from KarmaFarm
Gluten-free dairy-free cowboy bar from KarmaFarm
Jackie eating at KarmaFarm
Jackie eating at 100% gluten-free spot KarmaFarm
Jackie eating at KarmaFarm in Atanta