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100% gluten free




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1133 Broadway, New York City New York 10010

Daily 11am-9pm


Gluten free menu: YES

Gluten free bread: NO

Gluten free pizza: NO

Gluten free pasta: NO

Gluten Free Options

100% gluten free.

Everything is nut free.

Vegan options indicated on menu.

DIY Bowls

  • Pick 1 base, 2 sides, protein, 2 garnishes, & 1 crunch

Created Bowls

  • Purple Rice Bowl w/ wild & basmati rice, turmeric slaw, roast sweet potatoes, carrot shreds, coconut chutney, lentil crisps
  • Cauli-fornia Bowl w/ cauliflower “rice”, warming chickpeas, winter kale, grilled apples & beets, crunchy radishes, lentil crisps
  • Sas-Squash Bowl w/ roast squash steak, tangy brussels sprouts, winter kale, crunchy radishes, charcoal eggplant, & lentil crisps
  • Grain Power Bowl w/ ancient grains, tangy brussels sprouts, warming chickpeas, crunchy radishes, pickled onions, & lentil crisps
  • Green Glow Bowl w/ winter kale, warming chickpeas, grilled apples & beets, crunchy radishes, carrot shreds, & lentil crisps


  • pastured raised antibiotic-free meats such as roast chicken breast, Inday falafel, chicken tikka, grilled salmon, turkey meatballs, & marinated steak


  • avo-cocoa (avocado chocolate pudding)
  • seasonal yogurt w/ grainola topping
  • guru granola w/ ancient grains/seeds, honey, & dried fruit

Dosa Waffles

  • waffle w/ mango cilantro chutney and smoked salmon, waffle w/ warm tomato chutney, masala eggs, micro-wasabi, waffle w/ lemon yogurt, olive oil, pickled shallots, microgreens, fleur de sol
Gluten-free vegan bowls with avo cocoa from Inday
Gluten-free Indian bowl from Inday
Gluten-free bowls from Inday
Gluten-free avo cocoa from Inday
Gluten-free smoked salmon waffle from Inday
Gluten-free waffle from Inday