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Tipsy Scoop


Type of food

Ice creamPopsicle / SorbetAlcohol


Gluten Free OptionsDairy Free OptionsVegan Options


  • Liquor-infused ice cream with flavors such as:
    • spiked hazelnut coffee
    • tequila Mexican “hot” chocolate
    • red velvet martini
    • dark chocolate whiskey salted caramel
    • raspberry limoncello sorbet
    • cake batter vodka martini
    • spiked mint chocolate chip
    • strawberry white sangria sorbet
    • maple bacon bourbon
    • “hot” buttered rum
    • mango margarita sorbet
    • strawberry rhubarb bourbon
    • spiked plum & hibiscus sorbet
    • vanilla bean bourbon

Some are gluten free, non-GF flavors are chocolate stout flavor & salty pretzel flavor & cakes & ice cream sandwiches, ice cream cakes can be made GF upon request, sorbets are vegan-friendly, up to 5% ABV.