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Nature’s Path


Type of food

BarsGranola / Cereal


Certified Gluten FreeGluten Free Options


  • Cereals such as crispy rice cereal, crunchy maple sunrise, crunchy vanilla sunrise, fruit juice sweetened corn flakes, honey’d corn flakes, mesa sunrise flakes, mesa sunrise flakes with raisins, sunrise crunchy cinnamon, sunrise crunchy honey, Whole-O’s cereal, Amazon frosted flakes, choco chimps cereal, gorilla munch cereal, jungle munch cereal, koala crisp cereal, leapin lemurs cereal, & panda puffs cereal
  • Hot oatmeal with flavors like brown sugar maple, homestyle, spiced apple w/ flax
  • Qi’a Superfood breakfast cereals with flavors like apple cinnamon, cranberry vanilla, & original
  • Granola with flavors like fruit & nut, honey almond, summer berries, & vanilla cranberry
  • Chewy granola bars with flavors like chunky chocolate peanut, dark chocolate chip, & trail mixer
  • Crispy rice bars with flavors like berry blast, chocolate, dark chocolate chip, peanut butter, peanut choco drizzle
  • Superfood snack bars with flavors like blueberry cashew, dark chocolate cranberry almond, mocha hazelnut, nuts & seeds & sea salt, & dark chocolate peanut
  • Crispy rice bars ​with flavors like cheetah berry, koala chocolate, peanut butter, & peanut choco drizzle
  • EnviroKidz granola bars with flavors like chocolate chip & strawberry

GF items are certified GF, some items are gluten free.