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KIND Snacks


Type of food

BarsGranola / Cereal


Gluten Free


  • KIND healthy grains granola clusters with flavors like dark chocolate whole grain clusters, banana nut clusters, raspberry clusters, oats & honey clusters w/ toasted coconut, maple quinoa clusters w/ chia seeds, vanilla blueberry clusters w/ flax seeds, cinnamon oat clusters w/ flax seeds, and peanut butter whole grain clusters
  • KIND bars with flavors like caramel almond pumpkin spice, dark chocolate nuts & sea salt, dark chocolate cinnamon pecan, maple glazed pecan & sea salt, dark chocolate chili almond, caramel almond & sea salt, dark chocolate mocha almond, cranberry almond + antioxidants with macadamia nuts, almond walnut macadamia with peanuts, pomegranate blueberry pistachio + antioxidants, dark chocolate cherry cashew + antioxidants, peanut butter dark chocolate, dark chocolate almond & coconut, dark chocolate almond mint, raspberry cashew & chia, honey roasted nuts & sea salt, black truffle almond & sea salt, Madagascar vanilla almond, blueberry vanilla & cashew, almond & coconut
  • KIND breakfast bars with flavors such as blueberry almond, dark chocolate cocoa, honey oat, peanut butter, and raspberry chia
  • KIND healthy grains bars with flavors like maple pumpkin seeds with sea salt, dark chocolate chunk, peanut butter dark chocolate, vanilla blueberry, popped salted caramel, popped dark chocolate with sea salt, cinnamon oat, caramel macchiato, dark chocolate mocha, oats & honey with toasted coconut, and double dark chocolate
  • KIND popped snack bites with flavors like dark chocolate with sea salt & salted caramel

Gluten free, GF oats are non-GMO project verified, made from all natural whole nuts, fruits, & whole grains.