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Katz Gluten Free


Type of food

Baked GoodsBreadBrowniesCakeCookiesPies


Certified Gluten FreeMade in Dedicated GF FacilityDairy FreeNut FreeTree Nut FreePeanut Free


  • Breads such as egg free bread, everything bread, oat bread, sliced challah bread, white bread, whole grain bread, & wholesome bread
  • Bagels such as everything bagels, plain bagels, poppy seed bagels, & sesame bagels
  • Donuts such as chocolate frosted donuts, chocolate frosted sprinkle donuts, cinnamon donut holes, cinnamon donuts, cinnamon protein donut holes, custard donuts, glazed chocolate donut holes, glazed chocolate donuts, glazed donut holes, glazed donuts, jelly donuts, powdered donut holes, powdered donuts, powdered protein donut holes, pumpkin spice glazed donuts, sea salt caramel donuts, & triple chocolate donuts
  • Pies such as apple pie, apple pie snaps, blueberry pie, blueberry pie snaps, cherry pie, cherry pie snaps, family size apple pie, & pumpkin pie
  • Cookies such as apricot hamantaschen, apricot tarts, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate dipped cookies, chocolate hamantaschen, colored sprinkle cookies, poppy hamantaschen, prune hamantaschen, raspberry hamantaschen, raspberry tarts, & vanilla cookies
  • Cakes such as blueberry loaf, chocolate strip, cinnamon strip, coffee bundt cake, honey loaf, lemon poppy loaf, marble cake, & sponge cake
  • Rolls & buns such as dinner rolls, hamburger buns, hot dog buns, kaiser rolls, oat rolls, sugar free oat rolls, & whole grain sandwich rolls
  • English muffins such as cinnamon raisin English muffins & plain English muffins

Certified gluten free, dedicated allergen free facility, dairy free, nut free.