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Karen’s Naturals

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Gluten FreePaleoGrain FreeDairy FreeVeganCorn FreeNon-GMONut FreeTree Nut FreePeanut FreeEgg FreeCertified Kosher


100% natural dried fruits & veggies

  • Dried Fruit:
    • just apples
    • just bananas
    • just blueberries
    • just cherries
    • just cranberries
    • just fruit munchies
    • just fruit salad
    • just grapes
    • just mango
    • just peaches
    • just persimmons
    • just pineapple
    • just pomegranate
    • just raspberries
    • just strawberries
    • just strawberries ‘n bananas
  • Dried Veggies:
    • just corn
    • just peas
    • just tomatoes
    • just veggies
    • just hot veggies
  • Fruit Powders:
    • just banana powder
    • just blueberries powder
    • just fruit salad powder
    • just mango powder
    • just peach powder
    • just pineapple powder
    • just raspberries powder
    • just strawberries ‘n bananas powder
    • just strawberries powder
  • Organic:
    • organic just apples
    • organic just bananas
    • organic just blueberries
    • organic just cherries
    • organic just fruit munchies
    • organic just mango
    • organic just peaches
    • organic just pineapple
    • organic just raspberries
    • organic just strawberries
    • organic just strawberries ‘n bananas
    • organic just corn
    • organic just peas
    • organic just veggies
    • organic just strawberries ‘n bananas powder
    • organic just peach powder
    • organic just blueberries powder
    • organic just raspberries powder
    • organic just bananas powder
    • organic just strawberries powder
    • organic just mango powder
    • organic just pineapple powder

Gluten free, vegan, dairy free, nut free, certified kosher, non-GMO, produce everything in small batches, no salt, no sulfur, no fat, no artificial flavoring, no sweeteners, no preservatives, freeze-dried products are quickly flash frozen & then all water is extracted by vacuum.