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Imperfect Foods


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Grocery Delivery Service


Gluten FreeDairy FreeVeganEgg Free


  • “Ugly” produce delivered to your door at a discount
  • Available in 30 cities across the following states: CA, CT, DC, IL, IN, MA, MD, MI, MN, MO, NJ, NY, OR, OH, PA, TX, VA, WA, & WI
  • Healthy, delicious fruits and veggies for about 30% less than grocery stores, delivered to your door
  • How It Works: They source produce directly from farms. You customize your box each week to get exactly what you want. They deliver your customized box to your home.
  • Imperfect fights food waste by finding a home for ‘ugly’ produce. They source it directly from farms and deliver it to customers’ doors for about 30% less than grocery store prices. Their subscription produce box is affordable, convenient, customizable, healthy, and delicious.
  • Imperfect is bigger than just the box. By eating ‘ugly,’ you’re helping build a more sustainable and effective food system. You’re helping fight food waste. You’re ensuring farmers are rewarded for their full harvest with less wasted land, fossil fuels, and water. You’re improving access to healthy food.
  • Imperfect refers to:
    • size: too small, too big, too varied
    • asymmetry: too misshapen
    • scarring: too many marks on the skin/peel
    • lack of a consumer market: too unknown
    • discoloration: too different in color from the average
    • surplus: too many
  • Examples of Offerings:
    • spinach
    • cara cara oranges
    • Mandarins
    • white peaches
    • broccoli crowns
    • zucchini
    • navel oranges
    • pears
    • blueberries
    • yellow nectarines
    • lemons
    • spaghetti squash
    • leaf lettuce

Gluten free, vegan, organic options. 

Use code GFFM for 50% off your first box.