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Greek God’s Yogurt


Type of food



Gluten Free


  • Nonfat Greek yogurt with chia seeds with flavors such as vanilla, strawberry, peach, & blackberry
  • 6 oz Greek-style yogurt with flavors such as nonfat plain, honey, pomegranate, fig honey, honey/vanilla/cinnamon/orange, honey strawberry, & honey vanilla
  • 24 oz Greek-style yogurt with flavors such as traditional plain, plain nonfat, honey, honey lemon, honey orange, honey peach, honey strawberry, honey vanilla, honey blueberry, honey salted caramel, black cherry, chocolate mocha, chocolate strawberry, & chocolate cherry
  • Kefir with flavors such as plain, honey, honey strawberry, & honey vanilla
  • Lebni sour cream.

Gluten free.

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