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Reusable eco-friendly silicone straws and cups

  • Straws:
    • reusable straw
    • extra wide reusable straw
    • extra long reusable straw
    • reusable boba straw
  • Cups & Lids:
    • marbled straw tumbler 24oz
    • straw cup 16oz
    • travel mug 16oz
    • decorated travel mug 16oz
    • OH! 360 sippy cup 12oz
    • toddler straw cup 12oz
    • travel mug 8oz
    • cup bundle 8oz
    • stretchy lid straw cup 8oz
    • straw lid
    • travel mug lid

100% European-grade silicone; free from BPA, BPS, phthalate, PVC, and lead; dishwasher safe.