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Ready To Eat Meal Service


Gluten FreeDairy FreeVegan


  • 100% gluten free, plant-based, & vegan meal delivery service.
  • All meals are made using Kangen alkaline water and use only the freshest ingredients and high quality vegan proteins.
  • Healthy meals by a French chef.
  • Each menu has a total of 15 items, consisting of the following:
    • 1 Soup (2-3 servings)
    • 2 Side Salads (2-3 servings in each 12 ounce container)
    • 4 Entrees (4-8 servings)
    • 4 Side Dishes (4 servings)
    • 4 Raw Snacks Bars (4 servings)
  • You also have the option of purchasing extra entrees, soups, salads, and even breakfast items such as additional snack bars, chia seed pudding, or trail mix.
  • They source organic non-GMO ingredients whenever possible.
  • While not all ingredients can be certified organic, everything is all-natural and 100% fresh.
  • Local delivery is on Mondays, and all shipped orders are sent by Monday afternoon and will be received on Tuesday.
  • Sample menu:
    • Spanish tomato cucumber gaxpacho
    • roasted vegetable & sprouted sunflower seed salad
    • collard green rolls with tomato-basil sauce and Spanish style roasted cauliflower & broccoli
    • falafel cakes with smoked aioli sauce & sauteed greens
    • vegetable gratin with farmers marketing vegetables
    • white bean kale salad loaf with roasted vegetables
    • assorted nutritionally dense energy FloBars

Delivery available in California, Arizona, and Nevada. 

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