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100% gluten free

Wheat’s End Cafe

Bagels, Bakery, Breakfast & Brunch, Cafe, Dessert


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2873 North Broadway, Chicago Illinois 60657

Mon closed
Tues-Sun 10am-3pm


Gluten free menu: YES

Gluten free bread: YES

Gluten free pizza: YES

Gluten free pasta: NO

Gluten Free Options

100% gluten free. Menu indicates which options are vegan, vegan upon request, dairy free, & dairy free upon request.


  • cheddar pretzel baguette toasted w/ yellow or grainy mustard upon request
  • popover with honey butter, light & crispy & hollow
  • cheddar chive biscuit
  • Wheat’s End salad w/ romaine & mesclun lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, house apple cider vinaigrette

Organic Eggs

  • egg breakfast sandwich open-faced with your choice of English muffin or bagel, garnished w/ organic greens, cheddar, choice of herbs or bacon
  • three egg omelette garnished w/ organic greens:
    • #1: bacon, mushroom, cheddar
    • #2: onion, pepper, cheddar
    • #3: spinach, tomato, feta
    • can add English muffin or bagel

Our Favorites

  • salty, sweet & spicy panini w/ fig hazelnut jam & brie w/ your choice of prosciutto or turkey
  • veggie lover’s dream panini w/ seasonal vegetables
  • crispy veggie fritters w/ zucchini, carrot, & potato fritters with your choice of white bean hummus or Greek yogurt
  • Wheat’s End burger w/ juicy lamb patty seasoned with onions & parsley on a warm bun with classic fixings & French fries
  • saucy beans & rice w/ white beans in a rich tomato sauce with brown rice
  • pancakes w/ organic maple syrup & butter: classic, blueberry, chocolate chip, or Nutella
  • thin crust pizza with 7″ personal pizza:
    • pizza with classic cheese
    • pizza with medley of spinach, bell pepper, red onions, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, green olive
  • Belgian waffle w/ house-made fruit compote, organic maple syrup, butter, & your choice of topping: fresh blueberry or fresh banana & chocolate chip
  • French toast w/ house-made fruit compote & organic maple syrup (brunch only)
  • prosciutto Benedict w/ English muffin, Italian prosciutto, 2 poached eggs, asparagus, hollandaise (brunch only)
  • popover & gravy w/ light, crispy, hollow roll w/ 2 poached eggs & your choice of gravy: sausage, mushroom (vegetarian), or beef (brunch only)
  • 48 hour short rib w/ breakfast potatoes, 2 fried eggs, house-made hollandaise (brunch only)
  • bagel & house-cured lox w/ everything bagel, beet-cured lox, herb cream cheese, pickled carrot & onion (brunch only)


  • savory soup w/ flatbread: lentil, creamy potato, tomato
  • quinoa salad w/ cucumber, carrots, red pepper, green pepper, celery, chickpeas, tomatoes, fresh lemon juice, olive oil
  • spicy potatoes w/ garlic, cilantro, hot sauce
  • toasted English muffin or bagel w/ your choice of honey butter or cream cheese
    • English muffin flavors: classic, 6-seeded
    • bagel flavors: classic, everything, onion, sesame, cinnamon, blueberry

Sweet Treats

  • muffins
  • scones
  • cookies / triscotti coffee dippers
  • donuts: chocolate, pumpkin, coconut, strawberry almond, orange spice, orange spice with Nutella drizzle
  • cinnamon rolls: classic, apple, pumpkin

Baked goods available via shipping

  • English muffins: classic, 6-seeded
  • bagels: classic, everything, onion, sesame, cinnamon, blueberry
  • donuts: chocolate, pumpkin, coconut, strawberry almond, orange spice, orange spice with Nutella drizzle
  • breads: Pullman sandwich loaf, sourdough sandwich loaf, pumpernickel mini loaves, sourdough mini loaves, flatbread, hamburger buns, challah, soft pretzel buns, soft pretzel baguettes, dinner rolls,
  • breadcrumbs
  • cinnamon rolls
  • scones
  • pancake mix
  • blueberry muffins
  • pizza crust
  • cheddar chive biscuits
Gluten-free donuts from Wheat's End Cafe
Gluten-free baked goods and breads from Wheat's End Cafe
Gluten-free English muffins and bagels from Wheat's End Cafe
Gluten-free sourdough mini loaf by Wheat's End Cafe