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Mondo Taco

Mexican, Tacos


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( 1 location

2200 Colorado Ave, Los Angeles California 90404

Daily 11am-10pm


Gluten free menu: NO

Gluten free bread: NO

Gluten free pizza: NO

Gluten free pasta: NO

Gluten Free Options

Tacos can be served in a homemade GF tortilla or dino-style aka in a cabbage leaf. Can also make any taco into a bowl with a base of rice, crispy cabbage, or both. Chips are not GF since subject to cross contamination in fryer.

Crawl Tacos

  • Alexander the Great taco
  • Car-Neato taco
  • Yo Adrian taco
  • Thailicious taco
  • Frisco taco
  • The Grinder taco
  • Carolina Swine taco
  • Amore taco
  • Rio Gold taco
  • note that El Greco is not GF b/c gluten in sauce)

Grow Tacos

  • Garlic Bowl
  • Sister Sledge
  • Hawaii 5-OH
  • Spanish Fly
  • Triple Cheese
  • Hangover

Brunch Tacos

  • Gobbler taco
  • The Baker taco
  • The Hot Potato taco
  • Hangover taco

Swim Tacos

  • Ya Mon taco
  • Taj Mahal taco
  • Viet Yum taco
  • Bayou Fish taco
  • Pesto Prawns taco
  • Fancy Fish taco


  • blueberry panna cotta
Gluten-free tacos and bowls from Mondo Taco
Gluten-free tacos from Mondo Taco
6 Gluten-free tacos from Mondo Taco
Gluten-free breakfast taco bowl from Mondo Taco
Gluten-free panna cotta from Mondo Taco