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Mini Melanie



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( 1 location

630 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn New York 11206

Mon-Sat 9am-6pm
Sun closed


Gluten free menu: NO

Gluten free bread: NO

Gluten free pizza: NO

Gluten free pasta: NO

Gluten Free Options

  • cake-filled chocolate jewel truffles with GF options such as Grace truffles with flourless chocolate cake, Olivia truffles with GF white cake, & Emma truffles with GF peanut butter crunch
  • mini cakes & regular-sized cakes available in GF upon request
Gluten-free cake from Mini Melanie
Gluten-free chocolate jewel truffles from Mini Melanie
Gluten-free cake and cookies from Mini Melanie
Gluten-free cookies from Mini Melanie