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Fritzi Coop

American, Chicken


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6333 W 3rd St, Stall 742, Los Angeles California 90036

Mon-Fri 9am-9pm
Sat 9am-8pm
Sun 10am-7pm


Gluten free menu: NO

Gluten free bread: NO

Gluten free pizza: NO

Gluten free pasta: NO

Gluten Free Options

Note that the fries, tots, & sandwiches are not GF.


  • naked fried chicken with dark and/or white meat


  • seasonal chopped salad w/ chopped seasonal greens & farmers market vegetables in a sweet pepper vinaigrette, can add grilled chicken breast
  • kale Caesar salad w/ chopped kale & frisee greens mixed w/ Caesar dressing, cherry tomatoes, pickled red onions, can add grilled chicken breast (request w/o croutons)
  • warm spring chicken salad w/ warm pulled chicken, mixed greens, house pickled carrots & radishes, snap peas, pumpkin seeds, sweet pepper vinaigrette
  • Fritzi Caesar salad w/ frisee, mixed greens, Caesar dressing, shallots, can add grilled chicken breast (request w/o breadcrumbs)

Veggie Sides

  • Brussels sprouts w/ pickled mustard seeds, manchego, whole grain mustard (request w/o soy sauce)
  • cauliflower w/ lemon, calabrase pepper, herbs
  • golden beets oven roasted and finished with thyme & beet greens
  • sous vide carrots slow cooked & marinated in a blend of 26 herbs & spices
  • string beans
Gluten-free lunch spread from Fritzi Coop
Gluten-free veggie sides from Fritzi Coop
Gluten-free brussels sprouts and chicken from Fritzi Coop
Gluten-free kale salad from Fritzi Coop
Gluten-free chicken salad from Fritzi Coop