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Choza Taqueria

Mexican, Tacos


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( 5 locations

66 Madison Ave, New York City New York 10016

Mon-Fri 8am-10pm
Sat 11am-8pm
Sun closed


Gluten free menu: NO

Gluten free bread: NO

Gluten free pizza: NO

Gluten free pasta: NO

Gluten Free Options


  • all tacos are gluten free

Style Choices

  • three double corn wrapped tortillas w/ fresh cilantro
  • bowl w/ black beans, rice, pico, fresh cilantro
  • tostadas which is a crispy corn tortilla w/ black bean paste, lettuce, salsa, queso fresco
  • salad w/ romaine hearts, bean, corn salsa, pico, lime chili vinaigrette
  • tamales which is chicken, beef, pork, or cheese w/ queso fresco & salsa
  • note that burritos & tortas are not gluten free

Content Choices

  • Pollo which is citrus roasted chicken w/ Mexican oregano topped w/ charred pineapple, buttermilk, tomatillo salsa
  • Carne Asada which is grilled steak w/ chipotle chili marinade topped w/ salsa rojo
  • Carnitas which is braised pork w/ citrus & spices paired w/ tomatillo, salsa, pickled vegetables
  • Chorizo which is spicy Mexicano pork salchicha, poblano, onion, rajas, salsa mancha, queso fresco
  • Barbacoa which is lamb shoulder cooked w/ banana leaves, cinnamon, cumin, garlic topped w/ corn salsa & queso fresco
  • Camaron which is Maine shrimp, poblano rajas, avocado, majo de ajo
  • Garbanzo y Hongos which is chickpeas, mushrooms, crema, salsa negra, avocado
  • Pescado which is fish, pickled cabbage, chipotle cream, mango salsa, pistachio mole, queso fresco (only available in tacos)
  • Potato y Poblano which is potatoes & poblano peppers sauteed w/ lemon & chilies topped w/ guajillo salsa & queso fresco


  • chips & guacamole
  • chips & salsa fresca
  • grilled corn
  • rice & beans
Gluten-free tacos from Choza Taqueria
Gluten-free corn from Choza Taqueria