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Big Booty Bread Company



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261 W. 23rd St, New York City New York 10011

Daily 8am-9pm


Gluten free menu: NO

Gluten free bread: NO

Gluten free pizza: NO

Gluten free pasta: NO

Gluten Free Options

Signature Colombian Pastries

  • pan de yuca aka cheese rocks
  • pan de bono aka cheese bun
  • guava pocket aka cheese bun baked with guava jam in the middle
  • arepa which is a savory cornmeal pancake with cheese or bacon
  • sweet corn arepa
  • homemade meringue
  • flan
  • paleo friendly baked goods such as paleo banana bread, paleo carrot pumpkin muffin, & paleo chocolate chip cookies
Gluten-free corn cookie from Big Booty Bread Company