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Adoro Lei

Italian, Pizza


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287 Hudson St, New York City New York 10013

Mon-Wed 12noon-11pm
Thurs-Sat 12noon-1am
Sun 12noon-10pm


Gluten free menu: NO

Gluten free bread: NO

Gluten free pizza: YES

Gluten free pasta: NO

Gluten Free Options

GF pizza available upon request.


  • chianti kale salad w/ Tuscan kale, spinach, marinated shiitake mushroom, shaved ricotta salata, chianti sesame dressing (request w/o fried salsify)
  • la mia suzza salad w/ kale, dry figs, pumpkin seeds, feta, balsamic dressing (request w/o farro
  • garden of eden salad w/ mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, marinated mushrooms, artichokes, olives, balsamic must
  • citrus pear salad w/ arugula, prosecco poached pear, gorgonzola, almond slices, prosciutto crisps, citrus dressing
  • Caesar salad (request w/o croutons)
  • sous-vide beets w/ warm beets, wild arugula, frisee, candied walnuts, blackberries, goat cheese, walnut dressing
  • can add grilled chicken, grilled skirt steak, seared tuna, or grilled shrimp to any salad


  • GF pizza crust available upon request
  • Italian Margherita pizza with San Marzano tomatoes, pecorino, buffalo mozzarella
  • Paulo pizza with ricotta, ham, pecorino, burrata
  • Boozy Bettina pizza w/ vodka sauce, mozzarella, basil, grappa
  • Romeo pizza with spicy sausage, peppers, onions, tomato sauce, mozzarella
  • Veronica pizza with burrata, kale, grape tomatoes, pecorino, basil
  • Simonetta pizza with exotic mushrooms, caramelized sherry onions, stracciatella, herbed goat cheese
  • Cecelia pizza with mozzarella, sausage, grape tomatoes, shishito peppers, spinach
  • Niccolo pizza with tomatoes, soppresatta, basil, toasted fennel seeds, mozzarella
  • New York Margherita pizza with tomatoes, pecorino, parmigiano, basil, mozzarella
  • Taddea pizza with ricotta, caciocavallo chieese, nutmeg, mozzarella, whole egg
  • Cesare pizza with prosciutto, brie, smoked mozzarella, roasted walnut puree
  • Isabella pizza with tomatoes, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, sun-dried tomato, pecorino, oregano, mozzarella
  • Medici Magnificent pizza with pesto, soppressata, roasted peppers, mozzarella
  • Pietro pizza with marinate cherry tomatoes, basil, pecorino, wild arugula, prosciutto, parmigiano shavings, truffle oil

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  • burrata divine w/ burrata cheese, eggplant, ripe tomatoes, truffle honey drizzle, arugula garnish
  • roasted mozzarella which is mozzarella wrapped with prosciutto over marinated mushrooms & roasted peppers
  • Prosecco mussels w/ PEI mussels, herbs, red pepper flakes, sun-dried tomatoes, Prosecco w/ tomatoes (request w/o bread)
  • The Love Board which includes prosciutto, Parmigiano, dry digs, olives, pecans (request w/o crostini)
  • espresso tuna w/ spinach, mozzarella, toasted pistachio nuts, fingerling potatoes, roasted peppers, pomegranate Thai basil reduction
  • hot cherry steak w/ marinated skirt steak, caramelized onions, wood roasted hot cherry peppers, balsamic soy caberet sauce, fingerling potatoes


  • shishito peppers
  • asparagus
  • roasted fingerling potatoes
  • roasted cauliflower
  • Brussels sprouts
  • mixed mushrooms,
  • roasted beets


  • tartufo which is an Italian dessert of ice cream covered in chocolate shell
  • fruit cake
Gluten-free veggie pizza from Adoro Lei
Gluten-free pizza from Adoro Lei
Gluten-free salad from Adoro Lei
Gluten-free white pizza from Adoro Lei
Gluten-free tartufo from Adoro Lei
Cocktail from Adoro Lei in NYC