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Utzy Naturals


Type of food



Gluten Free


  • Products such as Essentially-U which is a multi-nutrient, Fiber Food, Natural D3 5,000, U-Mag which is a lemon flavored fizzy drink with 400 mg of Magnesium per scoop, U-Omega which is premium grade fish oil, U-Omega which is fish oil in softgel capsules
  • Targeted Formulas such as Allurtica which is a multi nutrient, U-Mune for immune support
  • Sleep Support System products such as Micro Melatonin, Utzzz’s Stay Asleep, Utzzz’s Fall Asleep
  • Cholesterol Support products such as Berberol for cholesterol, Co Q-10 for cardiovascular support

Gluten free, premium brand of supplements.​