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Splendid Spoon


Type of food

Cleansing Meal Service


Gluten FreeDairy FreeVegan


  • Combines the power of plants, the science of souping, and the proven health benefits of intermittent fasting to design a formula that easily fits into your daily life.
  • The Swap is to replace your lunch 5 days a week with hearty pint soup combining 3+ servings of whole vegetables.
  • The Cleanse is to revive your body with 1 full day of souping to support optimal organ function and boost digestion
    • Breakfast is cauliflower coconut.
    • Lunch is carrot turmeric elixir
    • Mid-afternoon snack is pumpkin pear hempseed; dinner is hearty soup pint
    • Nightcap is vegan bone broth.
  • The Program is to Swap 5 days a week, Cleanse 1 day a week, and Wander 1 day a week where you allow yourself to eat without any restraints

Gluten free, vegan, plant-based, cruelty-free, plastic bottles & pints are 100% BPA-free.