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Real Source Foods


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Gluten FreeDairy FreeVeganSoy FreeEgg FreeNo Refined Sugars


  • Water lentil superfood
  • Supergreen lentil superfood shakes in flavors like:
    • chocolate
    • tropical bliss
    • vanilla maple
    • caramel latte
  • Pure water lentil flake superfood

Gluten free, vegan, dairy free, egg free, soy free, no added sugar.

Water lentils are high quality, clean, green plant-protein all from a single plant. Having all 9 essential amino acids from a single ingredient reduce our footprint and dependence on multiple crops. Water lentils grow all year-round and is harvested daily unlike most other crops that require more land and water resources than our tiny plant. Water lentils have a sweet mild plant flavor, with a leafy organic odor.