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Gluten FreeUSDA Organic


spreads with flavors like superfood spread, hazelnut coffee, hazelnut, hazelnut crunch, & hazelnut mint. Cakes such as organic raw chocolate truffle cake. Chocolate barks with flavors like active superfood bark, almond cherry chocolate bark, caramel cashew bark, puffed cereal crunch bark, sea salt & almond bark, simply coconut bark, simply hemp chocolate bark, sprouted hazelnut & fig raw chocolate bark, trail mix raw chocolate bark. Chocolate essential bars with flavors like dark chocolate & orange. Chocolate hearts with flavors like dark chocolate hearts, mint chocolate hearts, & orange chocolate hearts. Chocolate coated snacks with flavors like chocolate covered cashews, chocolate covered coffee beans, chocolate covered digs, chocolate covered goji berries, chocolate covered golden berries, chocolate covered golden raisins, chocolate covered mulberries, chocolate covered sprouted almonds, chocolate covered sprouted hazelnuts, chocolate covered sprouted sunflower seeds, & chocolate covered sweet cherries. Rawmio filled truffles with flavors like antioxidant superfood truffles, coconut mint truffles, sprouted almond & banana truffles, sprouted almond & French sea salt truffles, superfood omega truffles

Gluten free, certified organic, raw ingredients.