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Granola / CerealPopcornRice Cakes


Gluten Free Options


  • Rice cakes in flavors like salt free, apple cinnamon, buttered popcorn, caramel, corn, chocolate crunch, lightly salted, white cheddar, and garden tomato & basil
  • Popped crisps in flavors like apple cinnamon, BBQ, caramel corn, cheddar cheese, chocolate, kettle corn, ranch, sea salt & cracked black pepper, and sour cream & onion
  • Oatmeal in flavors like 18oz Quaker quick 1-minute oats, Quaker instant oatmeal in both 10-ct original & 8-ct maple & brown sugar flavors

Some are gluten free, other products may not contain any gluten ingredients but Quaker cannot guarantee that they are gluten free as they are not tested.