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BarsSupplementsProtein Powder


Certified Gluten FreePaleo Options


  • High protein bars with flavors such as:
    • peanut butter & chocolate
    • chocolate mint
    • chocolate coconut
    • cocoa brownie
  • Super protein bar with flavors such as:
    • cookies & cream
    • chocolate peanut butter caramel crisp
    • rocky road
  • Protein D’Lites with flavors such as:
    • chocolate caramel bliss
    • cookies & creme dream
    • dark chocolate & sea salt caramel
  • Paleo bar with flavors such as:
    • nuts about nuts
    • nuts about berries
    • nuts about tropical fruit
  • Protein powders with flavors such as:
    • vanilla bean
    • cocoa chocolate

Certified gluten free, paleo options, no high fructose corn syrup, no trans fats, no hydro-generated oils, ideal balance of proteins/fat/carbs.