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Metabolic Meals


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Ready To Eat Meal Service


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  • Healthy meal prep & delivery with nationwide delivery
  • Fresh, chef-prepared, gluten-free meals, made with the cleanest ingredients on earth, delivered right to your door
  • Pick from over 30 new entrees each week
  • Uses organic, pasture raised proteins and fresh, seasonal produce
  • Meals are delivered fresh-no shopping, cooking or cleanup
  • Each dish indicates allergen info and says if paleo and/or low carb
  • Entrees such as:
    • wild caught cod & corn cakes with roasted root vegetables
    • grass-fed bison meatloaf marinara with parmesan roasted Brussels sprouts
    • smoked grass-fed flank steak with cilantro salsa & roasted vegetables
    • grass-fed bison burger with Southwest aioli and rice cauliflower & broccoli
    • spring herbed chicken with Italian cabbage salad
    • ginger chicken stir-fry
    • organic free-range turkey bolognese over spiraled zucchini noodles
    • grass-fed yak meatballs with a sherry wine sauce & roasted carrot & potato medley
    • grass-fed beef burger with pepper jack & superfood salad
    • chicken osso bucco with garlic roasted vegetables
    • grilled chicken breasts
  • Sides such as
    • parmesan roasted Brussels sprouts
    • mashed sweet potato
    • garlicky Brussels sprouts
  • Desserts such as:
    • blueberry coconut crave bar
    • salted caramel macchiato cookie sandwich
    • almond butter cookies
    • oatmeal butterscotch chip cookies
    • strawberry coffee cake
    • paleo zucchini bread muffin

Gluten free, paleo options, low carb options.