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Meredith’s Bread


Type of food

Baked GoodsBreadBrowniesCakeCookiesMuffinsPies


Made in Dedicated GF FacilityGluten Free Options


  • Breads such as peasant bread, rosemary olive bread, rustic farmhouse bread, cinnamon raisin swirl bread, grain free focaccia, everything bagel, onion bagel, plain bagel, & cinnamon raisin bagel
  • Cookies such as almond wafers, chocolate explosions, chocolate lace cookies, chocolate macaroons, macaroons, raspberry explosions, black & white cookies, reverse black & white cookies, chocolate biscotti, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate nutty bar, classic biscotti, decorated cookies, pumpkin cookies, & reverse chocolate chip cookies
  • Muffins such as cream cheese chocolate chip muffin, apple cinnamon muffin, banana chocolate chip muffin, carrot muffin, blueberry muffin, & pumpkin muffin
  • Pies such as apple blueberry pie, apple crumb pie, cherry pie, & chicken pot pie. Quiche such as broccoli & bacon & cheddar quiche, ham & Swiss quiche, jalapeno quiche, mushroom quiche, and spinach & tomato quiche
  • Quick bread such as banana chocolate chip quick bread, carrot cake quick bread, & pumpkin quick bread. Rolls such as cinnamon rolls, dinner rolls, & rolls
  • Tarts such as apple blueberry tart, apple crumb tart, cherry tart, & strawberry rhubarb tart
  • Scones such as blueberry scone, cheddar dill scone, cranberry scone, & raisin scone
  • Brownies ​

Some products are gluten free; GF products are made in a dedicated GF facility, all-natural, preservative-free.