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Kay’s Naturals


Type of food

ChipsCookiesGranola / CerealPretzels


Certified Gluten Free


  • Cookie bites in flavors like cinnamon almond, honey almond, & mocha espresso
  • Pretzel sticks in flavors like cinnamon toast, honey mustard, & original flavor
  • Cereals in flavors like apple cinnamon, honey almond, & French vanilla
  • Kruncheeze in flavors like white cheddar
  • Protein chips in flavors like chili nacho, lemon herb, & crispy parmesan
  • Puffs in flavors like almond delight, Mac & Cheese, and veggie pizza
  • Snack mix in flavors like sweet BBQ & white cheddar

Certified gluten free, zero cholesterol.​