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It’s In The Mix


Type of food

Baked GoodsCookiesCakeBrowniesMuffinsBars


Gluten Free


Brand seems to have closed. 

  • Bars such as:
    • lemon bar
    • raspberry bar
    • strawberry bar
    • strawberry cream cheese bar
  • Brownies such as:
    • dense dark chocolate brownie
    • black & white brownie w/ white chips
  • Blondies such as:
    • vanilla w/ dark chocolate chunks
    • cranberry coconut
  • Biscotti such as:
    • lemon/raspberry/coconut/white chocolate-dipped in white chocolate
    • orange/coconut/dark chocolate-dipped in dark chocolate
    • key lime/coconut/white chocolate-dipped in white chocolate
    • dark chocolate
  • Muffins such as:
    • blueberry crumb muffin
    • apple cinnamon glazed muffin
    • carrot walnut raisin muffin
    • sour cream chocolate chip muffin
    • cinnamon streusel muffin
    • chocolate chocolate chip muffin
  • Chocolate covered grahams in:
    • dark chocolate
    • white chocolate
  • Tartlets such as:
    • chocolate hazelnut
    • chocolate ganache
    • vanilla ganache
    • key lime
  • Cookies such as:
    • oatmeal raisin cookie
    • chocolate chip cookie
    • double chocolate chip cookie
    • lemon coconut cookie
  • Linzer tart 3’ round
  • Mini-loaf cakes such as:
    • butter pound cake
    • lemon pound cake
    • double chocolate cake
    • carrot cake w/ cream cheese filling

Gluten free, complies with FDA’s gluten limit of less than 20 ppm, products are packaged individually for you to assure no cross-contamination, preservative free.