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Hu Kitchen


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Baked GoodsCookiesChocolateNutsCrackers


Gluten FreePaleo OptionsDairy Free OptionsSoy FreeNon-GMOEgg FreeOrganicNo Refined Sugars


  • Dark Chocolate Bars:
    • almond butter + puffed quinoa dark chocolate
    • cashew butter + vanilla bean dark chocolate
    • hazelnut butter dark chocolate
    • vanilla crunch dark chocolate
    • salty dark chocolate
    • simple dark chocolate
    • crunchy mint dark chocolate
    • cashew butter + raspberry dark chocolate
    • cashew butter + orange dark chocolate
    • almond crunch dark chocolate
    • hazelnut coffee dark chocolate
    • pumpkin spice dark chocolate
    • gingerbread dark chocolate
  • Milk Chocolate Bars:
    • simple milk chocolate
    • cashew butter milk chocolate
    • hazelnut butter + hazelnut crunch milk chocolate
    • almond butter + almond crunch milk chocolate
    • almond crunch + coconut flakes milk chocolate
  • Chocolate Gems:
    • simple chocolate gems
    • salty chocolate gems
    • mint chocolate gems
  • Chocolate Chips:
    • semi-sweet no added sugar keto baking chocolate chips
  • Chocolate Hunks in flavors like:
    • almonds + sea salt hunks
    • cashews + vanilla bean hunks
    • sour goldenberries hunks
  • Grain-Free Cookies:
    • chocolate chip cookies
    • snickerdoodle cookies
    • peanut butter cookies
    • ginger snap cookies
  • Grain-Free Crackers:
    • sea salt crackers
    • pizza crackers
    • everything crackers

Certified gluten free, paleo options (Hunks & Dark Chocolate Bars are considered paleo except for Almond Butter + Puffed Quinoa and Vanilla Crunch, which are considered primal; Peanut Butter Cookies and Milk Chocolate Bars are not paleo); vegan options (milk chocolate isn’t vegan), dairy free options, non-GMO, soy-free, organic, no refined sugar, no cane sugar, no sugar alcohol.