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Holidaily Brewing Co


Type of food



Made in Dedicated GF FacilityGluten Free


  • Beers such as:
    • favorite blonde 5% ABV
    • only prettier berry blonde 5% ABV
    • Belgian buckwit 4.8% ABV
    • riva stout 6.5% ABV
    • cayenne frontier days chile stout 6.4% ABV
    • patchy waters pumpkin ale 6% ABV
    • golden grouse English amber 5.5% ABV
    • fat randy’s IPA 7.3% ABV
    • confidence booster double IPA 9.5% ABV

Gluten-free; Colorado’s only dedicated gluten-free brewery; grains (buckwheat & millet) are sourced locally from a dedicated GF facility called Grouse Malt House; about 10 beers on tap at a time.