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Good Day Chocolate


Type of food



Gluten FreeNon-GMO


Candy-coated chocolate supplements for adults & kids

  • Adult chocolate supplements for:
    • sleep
    • energy
    • turmeric
    • calm
    • vitamin D3
    • probiotic
  • Kid chocolate supplements:
    • multivitamin for kids
    • probiotic for kids
    • sleep for kids
    • calm for kids

Gluten free, non-GMO, uses fair-trade chocolate, 2g of sugar per piece. 

Note from their website: All of our dietary supplements are naturally gluten-free, so we never use wheat as an ingredient, and we do everything in our power to ensure that wheat doesn’t contaminate our products. However, we manufacture our products in a facility where we use shared equipment that may be used at some point to manufacture products that contain wheat. Although the equipment is washed thoroughly, like scrub-scrub-scrub, distill-distill-distill, and even though quarterly tests are performed to ensure we are less than 20 PPM, the FDA still requires that we include the statement “may contain wheat” on our packaging.