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Fran’s Chocolates


Type of food



Gluten FreeDairy Free OptionsVegan OptionsNon-GMOEgg Free


  • Caramels:
    • gray salt caramels
    • smoked salt caramels
    • salted caramels
    • classic milk caramels
    • classic dark caramels
  • Truffles:
    • milk truffles
    • milk chocolate hazelnut diamonds
    • dark truffles
    • chocolate imperiales
  • Bars:
    • crunch bars with roasted nibs
    • deep milk chocolate bars
    • Fran’s blend dark chocolate bars
    • bittersweet dark chocolate bars
    • Fran’s blend baking bar
    • semisweet baking bar
    • bittersweet baking bar
    • milk baking bar
    • white baking bar
    • gray salt thins
    • smoked salt thins
    • mint thins
    • Fran’s blend thins
    • dark chocolate thins
  • Fruits & Nuts:
    • double chocolate figs
    • pressed figs in dark chocolate
    • chocolate covered apricots
    • chocolate covered figs
    • orange confit
    • apricot & figs in dark chocolate
    • dark chocolate peanut butter cups
    • dark almond trios
    • milk almond trios
    • spiced macadamia nuts
    • caramelized nuts & nibs
    • almonds in dark chocolate
    • nibbits in dark chocolate

Gluten free, vegan options, dairy free options, egg free, non-GMO, fair-trade. 

Website says: We do not use any gluten-containing ingredients in our confections. We have submitted our confections to a food safety lab, and no detectable levels of gluten were found (<20ppm).