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Four Sigmatic


Type of food



Gluten FreeCertified PaleoDairy FreeVeganSoy FreePeanut FreeUSDA Organic


  • Specializes in superfoods, medicinal mushrooms and adaptogenic herbs
  • Mushroom Coffees:
    • mushroom coffee pods
    • mushroom coffee with lion’s mane
    • mushroom coffee with cordyceps
    • mushroom coffee with green coffee bean extract
  • Mushroom Elixirs:
    • chaga elixir
    • lion’s mane elixir
    • cordyceps elixir
    • reishi elixir
  • Mushroom Hot Cacaos:
    • mushroom hot cacao with cordyceps
    • mushroom hot cacao with reishi
  • Mushroom Blends:
    • 10 mushroom blend
    • beauty superfood blend
    • 5 mushroom blend
    • reishi spores blend
    • viking superfood blend
  • Mushroom Chocolate

Gluten free, certified paleo, vegan, USDA organic, soy free, peanut free, cholesterol free, majority of products are nut free but hot cacaos do contain coconut sugar, pesticide free, additive free.