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Edison Grainery


Type of food

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Gluten FreeOrganic


  • Grains such as amaranth, canahua, corn meal, hulled millet, multi-colored popcorn, yellow popcorn. Buckwheat such as buckwheat groats & buckwheat kasha
  • Oats such at oat bran, quick rolled oats, regular rolled oats, & steel cut oat groats
  • Quinoa such as black quinoa, golden quinoa, red quinoa, tri-color quinoa, quinoa bran toasted, quinoa crispies, quinoa flakes, & quinoa flour
  • No added sugar cereals such as brown rice crispies, quinoa crispies, morning milo, & morning milo trio
  • Beans such as adzuki beans, black beans, black beluga lentils, garbanzo beans, garbanzo bean flour, green lentils, green split peas, mung beans, navy beans, red kidney beans, red lentils, & yellow split peas
  • Pasta such as quinoa elbow macaroni, quinoa fusilli, quinoa orzo, quinoa penne, quinoa rueda / tri-colored wheels, quinoa spaghetti, elbow macaron & cheddar cheese
  • Seeds such as black chia, white chia, black sesame seed, brown flax seed, golden flax seed, hulled sesame seed, natural sesame seed, psyllium husks, poppy seed, pumpkin kernels / pepitas, & sunflower kernels
  • Superfoods such as Himalayan pink salt & raw cacao nibs. Sweets such as banana flakes & sun-dried cane juice crystals
  • Flours such as coconut flour, garbanzo bean flour, quinoa flour, almond flour, & sorghum flour

Gluten free, organic