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Type of food

Ice creamMilkYogurt


Gluten FreeDairy Free


  • Plant-based beverages such as original almond beverage, original coconut beverage, unsweetened almond beverage, vanilla almond beverage, original rice drink, vanilla rice drink, enriched original rice drink, enriched unsweetened rice drink, enriched vanilla rice drink, enriched chocolate rice drink, horchata rice drink, rice nog rice drink, original sprouted rice drink, unsweetened sprouted rice drink, enriched original soymilk, enriched vanilla soymilk, original soymilk, vanilla soymilk, original almond drink, unsweetened almond drink, pumpkin spice almond drink, original coconut drink, unsweetened coconut drink, original coconut/almond/chia drink, unsweetened coconut/almond/chia drink, original rice & quinoa drink, unsweetened rice & quinoa drink, original almond/cashew/hazelnut drink, unsweetened almond/cashew/hazelnut drink, caramel coffee & almond drink, mocha coffee & almond drink
  • Plant-based yogurts such as almond yogurts & coconut yogurts with flavors like plain, vanilla, strawberry, mixed berry, coconut, raspberry, blueberry
  • Non-dairy frozen desserts on almond, rice, & coconut with flavors such as cappuccino swirl, chocolate, praline crunch, vanilla, strawberry, mint chocolate chip, toffee almond fudge, vanilla desserts bites, chocolate dessert bites, peppermint dessert bites, vanilla dessert bars, coconut dessert bites, cocoa marble fudge, mint carob chip, strawberry, vanilla, vanilla bar, vanilla nutty bar, chocolate nutty bar, vanilla bites, mocha pie, chocolate pie, mint pie, vanilla pie, butter pecan, French vanilla, vanilla fudge swirl, vanilla

Gluten free, dairy free.

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