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Cabot Cheese


Type of food



Gluten Free OptionsCertified Kosher


  • Cheese such as:
    • cheese bars
    • shredded cheese
    • cheese slices
    • cheese cut slices
    • spreadable cheese
  • Yogurt such as:
    • lowfat coconut Greek yogurt
    • plain Greek yogurt
    • lowfat plain Greek yogurt
    • lowfat honey Greek yogurt
    • lowfat strawberry Greek yogurt
    • lowfat vanilla bean Greek yogurt
    • nonfat plain yogurt
  • Dips such as:
    • Sriracha dip
    • French onion dip
    • ranch dip
    • garden veggie dip
    • salsa grande dip
  • Creams such as:
    • sour cream
    • lite sour cream
    • whipped cream
    • cream cheese
  • Cottage cheese such as:
    • classic cottage cheese
    • no fat cottage cheese
  • Butter such as:
    • salted butter
    • unsalted butter
    • whipped salted butter

All products are gluten free except for spreadable cheeses & deli cheese that are repacked at your grocery store since can’t guarantee that these spreads are GF due to outsourcing; the rest of the products & ingredients have been researched & verified to be GF & are produced in a GF environment; certified kosher, certified B corporation.