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Brava is a Smart Countertop Oven

  • How It Works:
    • Brava pairs revolutionary cooking technology with a chef-powered service to bring out the best in your ingredients and make cooking at home easier, faster and tastier than ever before
    • Brava uses a combination of visible and infrared light to cook food faster and more efficiently than the hot air of convection ovens, or the conduction of stovetops. Unlike air or cast iron, light can be easily targeted and adjusted. This means you can create food that otherwise would have been separately sauteed, grilled, seared and baked. Brava chefs create recipe programs for specific foods—and combinations of foods—to make sure they’re cooked perfectly every time
    • Like a lightbulb on a dimmer, Brava’s lamps can turn on, off, and in between, at the flick of a switch. And like spotlights, they can focus their energy on a specific zone without heating the area around it. This means faster cooking with no flipping, no stirring, and no preheating. Plus, there are no emissions or microwaves
    • Brava has six high powered lamps that get hotter than a wood fire pizza oven, eight temperature sensors, two particle detectors, and a camera (that you can watch from your phone). Like a chef using their senses, Brava uses these sensors to adjust on the fly, and to constantly improve the service
    • Brava cooks a complete meal with less energy than it takes to just preheat a conventional oven. Their highly-controlled infrared emitters are twice as efficient as standard nichrome or quartz heating emitters found in most home ovens and toaster ovens
  • How It’s Better:
    • Brava heats faster, cooks hotter, and monitors your food so that it doesn’t overcook (versus an oven)
    • Brava reheats your food quickly without drying it out – keeping flavor in, and re-crisping (versus a microwave)
    • Brava can match the heat of the grill from the comfort of your kitchen, without adding the carcinogens (versus a grill)
    • Brava monitors the internal temp for a perfect cook, so your food comes out in a fraction of the time and already has a perfect sear (versus a sous vide)
    • Brava offers faster more consistent results without having to watch over the stove (versus a frying pan)
    • Brava cooks a crispy crust from fresh dough in 10 minutes with no preheat (versus a pizza oven)
    • Traditional broilers only heat from the top, but Brava’s Sear function heats from the top and bottom to give maximum control and flexibility (versus a broiler)