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Baked GoodsBars


Certified Gluten FreeDairy FreeVegan OptionsCertified Kosher


  • Oat Bars:
    • chocolate chip oat bar
    • coconut oat bar
    • lemon poppyseed bar
    • original oat bar
    • maple pecan oat bar
    • cranberry orange oat bar
    • oatmeal raisin oat bar
    • peach oat bar
    • apple pie oat bar
    • coconut almond chocolate chip oat bar
    • peanut butter oat bar
    • gingerbread oat bar
    • almond butter oat bar
    • peanut butter & jelly oat bar
    • peanut butter chocolate chip oat bar
  • Stuff’d Bars:
    • coconut almond butter stuff’d oat bar
    • peanut butter chocolate chip stuff’d oat bar
    • chocolate almond butter stuff’d oat bar
    • peanut butter stuff’d oat bar
  • Toaster Pastries:
    • strawberry jam toaster pastry
    • blueberry lemon poppyseed toaster pastry
    • apple pie toaster pastry
    • raspberry toaster pastry
    • chocolate almond toaster pastry
    • chocolate peanut butter protein toaster pastry
  • Bites:
    • original with chocolate chip oat bites
    • coconut oat bites
    • strawberry stuff’d oat bites
    • peanut butter & jelly stuff’d oat bites
    • lemon poppyseed oat bites
    • peanut butter chocolate chip oat bites
    • chocolate almond brownie bites
  • Protein Bars:
    • chocolate chip peanut butter protein bar
    • banana peanut butter protein bar
    • almond butter protein bar
    • cherry almond butter protein bar

Certified gluten-free, made in dedicated GF facility, vegan options (all vegan except protein bars contain honey), dairy free, certified kosher.