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Barnraiser has launched a new funding program ​for small batch food producers ​called Barnraiser Small Batch. It delivers the most coveted limited-quantity local artisan food and farm-based products to good food advocates across the country.​

  • ​For Businesses: ​
    • ​D​elivers huge benefits to small food producers, from a high margin of profit from direct sales to expanding their brand presence online
    • Gives them ​access to thousands of health-conscious, value-oriented consumers who desire high quality artisanal food, and love to try the best new products from small-batch makers
  • ​For Eaters:
    • Delivers the most coveted limited-quantity local artisan food and farm-based products from small food producers across the country​
    • ​Built in referral links for easy and fast social sharing
    • Referral links make it easy to get awesome rewards from each company

Gluten Free Brands:

  • Boss Food Co. – Raw superfood bars, made with 8 non-GMO ingredients.
    • Supports causes that work to remove harmful substances from our food and environment by donating 1% of profits annually to carefully selected charitable organizations.
  • Berg Bites – ​Clean labeled bites packed with heart-​healthy GF oats, and omega 3 powerhouses like chia and hemp seeds​.
    • Their desire to contribute change in the health food industry and deliver honest food, Berg Bites decided to make sure this healthy snack would be available for everyone.​
  • Modern Bar Cart – Small-Batch premium line of craft cocktail bitters made from the best ingredients on earth.
    • No sweeteners, no artificial colors or preservatives, just certifi​ed USDA organic herbs, spices, and citrus to transform your drink and stimulate your palate.
  • Chocotenango – Bean to bar chocolate crafted in small batches, organically grown cocoa beans, and unique flavor combinations sourced from small, farmer-owned cooperatives in the Dominican Republic.​ 
    • Born in Antigua, Guatemala in 2005. Owner and master chocolatier Ismael Neggaz drew inspiration from local flavors like cardamom and tamarind to develop and perfect100+ original recipes.
  • Sonoma Hot Sauce – Raw fermented hot sauce locally grown in Sonoma County.
    • Deb Rock is inventing a new food category called the “Community Condiment”​. Deb encourages small and backyard farmers to grow the organic peppers needed to create and scale each batch of Sonoma Hot Sauce, then holds community harvesting events to start the process. ​
  • Mammoth Bars – Organic food bars made with no weird stuff. Zero fillers, dairy free, soy free.
    • Michael and Anthony took a break from their careers in the finance and fitness worlds to create a nutrition bar that they would actually eat.
  • Gustus Vitae – Non-GMO verified, ​s​mall ​batch, ​s​ustainably ​s​ourced, ​n​ot ​irradiated, ​n​ot ​t​reated with ETO ​g​as, ​h​and-​packed, & ​e​xclusive to Barnraiser Small Batch.
    • Their mission is to share the magic of cooking. We exist to nourish: our family, friends, and loved ones, while being stewards of our environment and engaging actively in the communities that we serve.​
  • Sasya Foods – South Indian inspired chips and dips. Made with real and simple ingredients​, created from unique family recipes​​.
    • Sasya in Sanskrit stands for ‘Whole’. Sasya reflects Krishna’s upbringing in a farming family in rural India where food was rich, deep, healthy and nutritious.​