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Type of food

Baked GoodsCookiesCakeMuffinsChocolateBarsBreadCrackers


Gluten FreeNon-GMO


  • Sliced breads such as:
    • artisan baker multigrain bread
    • artisan baker white bread
    • deli style bread
    • 10 grains & seeds bread
  • Bread rolls such as:
    • sandwich rolls
    • baguette
    • hot dog rolls
    • hamburger rolls
  • Cookies & chocolate bars such as:
    • chocolate thins
    • cocoa wafers
    • oat biscuits
    • butter cookies
    • honeygrams
    • chocolate stix
    • twin bar
    • chocolate honeygrams
    • chocolate dipped cookies
    • chocolix
  • Crackers such as:
    • cheese bites
    • Italian breadsticks
    • rosemary table crackers
    • multigrain table crackers
    • entertainment crackers
  • Croissants such as:
    • croissant with hazelnut cream
    • plain croissant
  • On-the-go bars such as:
    • chocolate hazelnut bars
  • Cakes & muffins such as:
    • sch’nacks

Gluten free, non-GMO, no artificial colors or flavors, no preservatives.

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