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Fresh & Co

Bagels, Juice Bar, Salads, Sandwiches


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( 17 locations

1260 Lexington Ave, New York City New York 10028

Mon-Fri 6am-9pm
Sat 8am-5pm
Sun 8am-4pm


Gluten free menu: YES

Gluten free bread: YES

Gluten free pizza: NO

Gluten free pasta: NO

Gluten Free Options

Allergen info on their website. GF bread available upon request.


  • Create your own salad
  • All salad dressings are gluten free


  • organic lemon chickpea
  • pueblo un-chicken
  • all natural cranberry plainville turkey salad
  • seasonal fruit salad
  • organic egg salad
  • albacore tuna salad


  • avocado chimichurri
  • chipotle lime vinaigrette
  • balsamic vinaigrette
  • lemon tahini
  • roasted garlic vinaigrette
  • honey dijon vinaigrette
  • peppercorn ranch
  • aged balsamic vinegar
  • red wine vinegar
  • Greek poppy yogurt
  • cream Caesar
  • steakhouse blue cheese
  • fresh lime squeeze
  • fresh lemon squeeze
  • splash of sriracha
  • EVOO
  • Mexican pepita Caesar


  • gluten free bagels
  • gluten free muffins
  • gluten free bread
  • eggs any style
  • gluten free pancakes w/ natural agave syrup
  • quinoa breakfast bowls
  • create your own omelet
  • fruit salad


  • puebla grilled cheese with black beans & corn salad, smashed avocado, Daiya vegan cheese on GF bread
  • grilled brusselini with roasted brussels sprouts, caramelized onions, granny smith apples, white cheddar cheese with dijon mayo
  • collard green wraps


  • raw vegan goji berry protein bar
  • raw vegan chocolate date nut bar
  • hemp brownie
  • raw vegan paleo macaroons
  • vanilla chia seed pudding
  • vegan chocolate chia seed pudding
  • vegan passion fruit chia seed pudding
  • vegan rice pudding
  • classic rice pudding
  • the king
  • summer berry
  • froyo
Gluten-free tuna wrap from Fresh & Co
Gluten-free grilled brusselini sandwich from fresh & co
Gluten-free grilled cheese from Fresh & Co
Gluten-free acai bowl from fresh & co
Gluten-free froyo from fresh & co
Gluten-free pancakes from Fresh & Co
Gluten-free muffins from Fresh & Co