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( 3 locations

150 W 62nd St, New York City New York 10023

Daily 10am-9pm
Sat 12noon-9pm
Sun 12noon-8pm


Gluten free menu: NO

Gluten free bread: NO

Gluten free pizza: NO

Gluten free pasta: YES

Gluten Free Options


  • Falafel is GF
  • green falafel with parsley, cilantro, & mint
  • harissa falafel with Tunisian spices
  • olive falafel with kalamata olive


  • hummus, babaganoush, eggplant & tomato
  • harissa (request without pita)


  • mixed falafel platter which is a sampling of 3 falafel flavors on a plate w/ hummus, Israeli salad & assortment of sauces (request w/o pita & tabouli salad)
  • falafel platter w/ 1 flavor falafel (request w/o pita)
  • Mediterranean platter w/ hummus, your choice of 3 salads, tahini sauce (request w/o pita & tabouli salad)
  • sabich platter w/ slices of eggplant, boiled egg, parsley, hummus, Israeli & Moroccan carrot salads, assortment of sauces (request w/o pita)


  • quinoa, kale, & spinach salad
  • falafel salad
  • Greek salad (request w/o pita)


  • Israeli salad
  • pickled green cabbage
  • Moroccan carrots
  • marinated beets
  • quinoa & kale salad


  • signature smoothies with flavors such as kale apple banana ginger, date lime banana soy, strawberry raspberry & Thail basil, pear mint lime, pineapple coconut
  • smoothie add-ons such as chia, flax, whey protein, Vitamin C, almond milk, & soy milk
Gluten-free noodles from BONMi
Gluten-free salad from BONMi