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Type of food

Baked GoodsCookiesCakeBrowniesDonut


Gluten FreeNo Refined Sugars


Flourless & high-protein baked goods

  • Cookies (flourless):
    • chocolate chip cookie
    • white chocolate chip cookie
    • double chocolate chip cookie
    • chocolate white chocolate chip cookie
  • Pronuts which are flourless cheesecake filled donuts:
    • salty karma pronut
    • chocolate & vanilla pronut
    • chocolate glazed pronut
    • chocolate & caramel pronut
    • vanilla glazed pronut
  • Brownies (flourless):
    • Whey2Go brownie
    • Skinny Me brownie
    • chocolate bread pudding brownie
    • caramel pecan brownie
  • Cookie Dough Bars which is flourless cookie dough dipped in white or dark chocolate:
    • dark chocolate cookie dough bar
    • white chocolate cookie dough bar
  • Cake Pops which are flourless cake balls dipped in dark or white chocolate:
    • blueberry dark chocolate cake pop
    • blueberry white chocolate cake pop
    • vanilla dark chocolate cake pop
    • vanilla white chocolate cake pop
    • banana dark chocolate cake pop
    • banana white chocolate cake pop
    • chocolate dark chocolate cake pop
    • chocolate white chocolate cake pop
    • red velvet dark chocolate cake pop
    • red velvet white chocolate cake pop
    • carrot dark chocolate cake pop
    • carrot white chocolate cake pop
    • guava dark chocolate cake pop
    • guava white chocolate cake pop
  • Cupcakes (flourless):
    • we can pecan cupcake
    • cookies & dream cupcake
    • oh my quad cupcake
    • pastelimpio cupcake
    • red velvet cupcake
    • salted caramel cupcake
    • carroat cupcake
    • choco-chip cupcake
    • carrot cheesecake cupcake
    • black & white muffin
    • choco-at nana muffin
    • midnight muffin
    • don’t be blue-berry cupcake
    • red velvet cheesecake cupcake
  • Cakes (flourless) – available for pick-up only
  • Cinnamon Rolls (flourless) – available for pick-up only

Gluten free, flourless, no added sugar, high in protein, no preservatives, no additives, low calories, handmade, located in South Miami & Coral Gables Florida.