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Gluten Free


  • Skincare products such as hyaluronic acid intensifier, age-defying laser + antioxidant system, triple lipod restore 2:4:2, metaell renewal 83, A.G.E. interrupter, retinol 0.5, A.G.E. eye complex, advanced pigment corrector, LHA cleansing gel, daily moisture, emollience, gentle cleanser, retinol 1.0, retexturing activator, simply clean, micro-exfoliating scrub, AOX + eye gel, eye balm, renew overnight dry, anti-aging skin system, acne skin system, equalizing toner, renew overnight oily, LHA solution, clarifying cleanser, antioxidant lip repair, eye cream, clarifying clay masque, skin firming cream, neck & chest & hand repair, body tightening concentrate, conditioning solution, C + AHA, face cream, foaming cleanser, brightening skin system, phyto corrective masque, hydrating B5 masque, purifying cleanser, epidermal repair, hydra balm, redness neutralizer, body retexturing treatment, & biocellulose restorative masque
  • Antioxidants such as C E Ferulic (vitamin C serum), phloretin CF (vitamin C serum), resveratrol B E, AOX + eye gel, serum 10 AOX+, phloretin CF gel, serum 20 AOX+, serum 15 AOX+, C+ AHA
  • Sunscreens such as physical fusion UV defense SPF 50, physical fusion UV defense SPF 50, physical matte UV defense SPF 50, sheer physical UV defense SPF 50, ultimate UV defense SPF 30, physical eye UV defense SPF 50, sport UV defense SPF 50, physical UV defense SPF 30
  • Corrective serums such as phyaluronic acid intensifier, hydrating B5 gel, blemish & age defense, phyto+, retexturing activator, phyto corrective gel.

Gluten free; can filter by skin type & skin concerns; note that the following products contain soy: hydra balm, advanced pigment corrector, advanced pigment regulator, body tightening treatment, face cream, eye balm, antioxidant lip repair.

  • Michelle Raleigh

    Contains Gluten:
    Skin Firming Cream – Barley
    AOX Lip Repair – Yeast
    Advanced Pigment Corrector – Yeast
    Body Tightening Concentrate – Yeast
    Contains Soy:
    Face Cream
    Eye Balm